Lesley Lavack Heart and Mind Award

In honour of Lesley Lavack’s outstandng commitment to the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, students and the profession of pharmacy, the Lesley Lavack Heart and Mind Award has been established at the Faculty. The award will be given to one or more students in Year Four of the Undergraduate program who in their personal and professional lives best demonstrates the characteristics that Lesley has dedicated her time to instilling in students throughout her teaching career: empathy, consideration, caring and kindness.

Lesley hopes “that in establishing the Lesley Lavack Heart and Mind Award, students who have the requisite ‘book smarts’ and who have also demonstrated, in a meaningful way, that they care about others are recognized and celebrated. I want to acknowledge students who will become outstanding patient-care providers because they care.”

Please join us in honouring Lesley Lavack’s contributions to the Faculty and the profession by making a donation to the Lesley Lavack Heart and Mind Award. The Faculty, Lesley and the future recipients of this award are grateful for your support, and every donation makes a difference.

To make a donation to the award, please click here

Lesley Lavack has spent over 30 years with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. After graduating from the Faculty in 1968, Lesley embarked on a career in both community and hospital practice. Between 1985 and 1990, in addition to clinical pharmacist responsibilities at The Wellesley Hospital, she assumed teaching roles at the Faculty. Lesley joined the Faculty full time in 1990 as a Lecturer teaching senior Professional Practice courses. In 1994, Lesley was appointed Assistant Dean and assumed major responsibility for the development, implementation and maintenance of the Structured Practical Experience Program (SPEP). In 2002, her portfolio expanded and, as Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, she assumed major administrative and program overview responsibilities, which included her role as Admissions Officer at the time that the Faculty was incrementally increasing enrolment toward its goal of doubling enrolment. Lesley spearheaded some major enhancements to the student selection process and as well implemented early professionalization activities for newly-admitted students.

In July 2005, Lesley was appointed Associate Dean, Professional Programs. Her portfolio expanded once again and although her administrative imperatives consumed much of her time, she remained committed to ensuring that the importance of good patient care was at the forefront of the undergraduate curriculum. Lesley completed her term as Associate Dean, Professional Programs in December 2010 and returned to her teaching role where she continued to advocate for patients and pharmacists’ roles in their care. Lesley was Theme Coordinator for Professionalism and Ethics at the Faculty from 2011 to 2014. Lesley officially retired from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy on June 30th, 2015.