Student Awards

Pharmacists are more vital than ever to the health of individuals and families. As lead experts in medication, pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals, called on daily to manage Canadian’s health and wellbeing.

Since Leslie Dan’s transformational gift in 2001, The Faculty of Pharmacy has grown from a small village into a vibrant city. To continue to attract the best students and to ensure no promising student is turned away, increased financial assistance is a top priority at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

Over the past decade, the assistance available through scholarships and bursaries has failed to keep pace with our dramatic growth in student enrolment. Enhancing student life and learning is crucial for the Faculty in order to attract the best and brightest students who will become Canada’s exemplary pharmacists, researchers, and innovators. By significantly increasing the size and number of scholarships and bursaries, the Faculty can continue to attract the best students and ensure they receive the finest education from leaders in the pharmacy profession.

Currently, Faculty and donors support students in the following ways:

  1. Scholarship/Merit-Based Awards – Financial awards given to student based on a number of potential criteria including general academic achievement, achievement in a course or series of courses; extra-curricular activities, and contributions to the Faculty and the profession.
  2. Bursaries – Financial awards that are primarily based on need, but may also involve academic achievement and other criteria.

Student awards range from covering a portion of tuition to covering the entire cost of tuition and living expenses. While the Faculty gratefully accepts donations of any size, we strive to ensure awards will significantly impact and improve student experience.

The following is the threshold for naming student awards and bursaries at the Faculty:

  • A pledge of at least $25,000 (which can be paid over five years) to name an endowed award or bursary to be awarded in perpetuity. Once the amount of your donation reaches $25,000 the award will generate an annual payout of approximately $1,000;
  • A gift of $2,500 per year for five years ($12,500) to name an expendable award or bursary. The student recipient will receive $2,500 per year.

Awards and bursaries may be funded by single or multiple donors through either a single gift or series of regular donations over a predetermined period. Once established, an award or bursary can be enhanced through further contributions, building both the value of the award and the annual payment made to students each year.

Supporting our students means we can continue to make a difference to the future of the Faculty, the profession of pharmacy, and the health and prosperity of our communities.