Pharmacy Alumni Janice Ma

Janice Ma received a University of Toronto Arbor Award in recognition for the exceptional learning experiences she creates for students with the Canadian Forces Health Services Group.

In her role as Drug Use Evaluation Manager, Janice is responsible for analyzing the use of medications and pharmacy services among members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Forces Health Services Group provides comprehensive health care to serving members, both within Canada and during military operations around the world.

“The information that my team generates helps to inform decisions on the types of drug therapy required to maintain the health and fitness of the personnel serving in defence of our country’s interests,” said Janice, who is also an alumna of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (BScPhm ’95 & PharmD ’00).

The Arbor Awards are the highest honour granted by the University that recognizes exceptional volunteers. Janice is one of two members of the LDFP community who received the award this year.

Early in her career, Janice was fortunate to work with a number of military health-care professionals, including two Pharmacy Officers who provided significant support and encouragement at key points of her residency. Today, she’s involved in a mix of professional activities, including direct patient care, research, analysis, teaching and learning.

“Mentoring students gives me an opportunity to reflect on my own learning experiences, and to consolidate related knowledge in a meaningful way,” said Janice, who has offered rotations for up to 20 students every year.

“I consistently ask my students to approach a problem as idealistically as possible at the outset, as this often allows for truly creative and innovative solutions to be found. I also encourage them to check and recheck their assumptions with an attitude of curiosity and openness.”

Janice enjoys volunteering as a preceptor because it helps maintain her awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing pharmacy as a profession. She also regularly accesses resources and reference materials developed by the Faculty to support her ongoing professional development.

“It’s always great to have your commitments acknowledged, and hopefully this will encourage other alumni to reconnect with the Faculty as well,” she said.

Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Remembrance Day Wreath

“Janice is one of many distinguished members of our alumni and faculty communities who have in the past or continue to practice pharmacy within the Canadian Armed Forces health-care system,” said Lisa Dolovich, Professor and Dean of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

“It’s timely that we’re able to celebrate this achievement ahead of Remembrance Day and I encourage everyone in our Faculty to consider attending U of T’s Service of Remembrance on November 11.”

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