2T0 Induction Group shot

Join us in welcoming the Class of 2T4 into the pharmacy profession at virtual induction ceremony on March 3.

To welcome the PharmD Class of 2T4 to the profession of pharmacy, the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is hosting a virtual induction ceremony that will recognize the beginning of student experiential learning and patient care rotations.

“The Induction ceremony is an important milestone in a pharmacist’s career,” said Natalie Crown, Acting Director of the PharmD Program and Assistant Professor – Teaching Stream. “It represents the transition to becoming a member of a professional community who is committed to a shared code of ethics, professionalism, caring and trust.”

The ceremony will premiere on YouTube on March 3, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. and include remarks from academic leadership, pharmacy partners across Ontario, faculty members, student representatives and the Faculty’s inaugural Hall of Distinction Award recipient, Alice Tseng. As an alumnae, professor and preceptor at the Faculty, Tseng shared some advice with the class ahead of the ceremony.

“Embrace every aspect of your patient care experiences. I’ve always found that I learn as much from my patients as they learn from me,” said Tseng, an Associate Professor (Status) at the LDFP who’s an HIV pharmacotherapy specialist at University Health Network’s Immunodeficiency Clinic.

Hall of Distinction Award

Alice Tseng
Alice Tseng, 2T0 Hall of Distinction Award recipient

Traditionally, the Hall of Distinction award recipient is highlighted at the Faculty’s induction ceremony with a honourary white coat. As the inaugural Hall of Distinction award recipient, Tseng will be recognized at the virtual event for her lifelong contributions to the pharmacy profession. One of her key accomplishments is co-founding a national and provincial HIV pharmacists’ network to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration in the field.

“With HIV, there may be one pharmacist per hospital or per city, so you’re more isolated,” said Tseng. “It’s been really valuable to have a network for both experienced practitioners and new clinicians in the area. There’s so much information sharing and support.”

With the support of this network, Tseng doesn’t feel isolated, but she can appreciate how the Class of 2T4 may feel during the pandemic.

“Although you’re learning virtually, there are strong bonds being formed,” said Tseng. “You’re part of something bigger that will get even stronger over time. That’s why it’s so important to remain engaged and keep in touch.”

Transforming the Post-Pandemic World

Like all health professionals, the last year was full of challenges for Tseng. But she’s impressed how her colleagues and patents have mobilized and adapted to the transition to virtual care.

“They say we learn as much if not more from adversity than from success,” said Tseng, who believes the post-pandemic world will bring tremendous opportunities for innovation and change. 

“Being able to establish a presence and a role in a new environment is really exciting – and I see people doing that all the time. Pharmacists can implement new services and chart a new path to improve patient care. Don’t be afraid – if you see a need, step in.”

All members of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy community are invited to watch the Virtual Induction Ceremony premiering on March 3, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. The event will be available via YouTube livestream.

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