What does it mean to be a pharmacist or a pharmaceutical scientist? The “I’m Pharmacy” podcast, launched today by the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, dives deep into both emerging professional trends in pharmacy practice and breakthrough science led by our world-leading faculty and research teams.

The first season, created and hosted by Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) students, explores hot topics in pharmacy practice and pharmacotherapy through six episodes. New episodes will be released every Friday, starting today. The idea for a podcast created by students began with Certina Ho, a pharmacist and Assistant Professor at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy who previously produced a patient safety focused podcast with colleagues at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada.

“Over the last few years, podcasts have grown rapidly as a platform for providing engaging and entertaining educational content to learners and professionals,” said Ho who received a Teaching Innovation Award from the Faculty in 2018 to help support the development of a podcast. The award proposal was developed by Ho and Adrian Boucher (PharmD, 1T8), a fourth year PharmD student at the time. The podcast team was then officially formed with Kendra Carroll (PharmD, 2T0) as producer, Samuel Chan (PharmD, 1T9) and Laura Lee (PharmD, 2T0) as hosts.

“We recognized that the majority of pharmacy-specific podcasts are designed primarily for American audiences, and not necessarily geared towards Canadian pharmacy practice,” said Ho. “This first podcast season is a great opportunity for us to explore and expand this medium to support pharmacy education and pharmacy practice in Canada.”

First Episode: Interprofessional Collaboration

In order to deliver safe and effective patient care, all healthcare practitioners will need to work in a collaborative manner. The first episode features a discussion about the importance of interprofessional collaboration with Dr. Zubin Austin, Professor at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and leading expert on the personal and professional development of the health human resources workforce.

“There is so much to learn about the world of pharmacy and we want this season to support and complement the learning provided through the Faculty,” said Kendra Carroll who produced the season and is set to graduate from the PharmD program in June 2020. “We hope it will also help people who are considering pharmacy as a profession to understand more what a career in pharmacy offers.”  

How to tune-in

The I'm Pharmacy podcast is available on all major podcast platforms! Visit the I'm Pharmacy podcast site for new episodes, or subscribe on:

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Interprofessional Collaboration with Zubin Austin

Episode 4: Personal Branding Leadership and Networking with Monica Gautam

Episode 2: Medical Cannabis Education with Maria Zhang

Episode 5: Continuous Professional Development with Jamie Kellar

Episode 3: Common Ailments with Nardine Nakhla

Episode 6: Using Social Media as a Tool with Kate Richards



Additional Acknowledgements

Special thanks to Jim Kong, pharmacist, who provided significant help throughout the entire recording, editing, and production phases of this project. The initial technical advice from Dr. David Dubins, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, and support from Dr. Maria Zhang, Dr. Nardine Nakhla, Dr. Monica Gautam, Ms. Kate Richards, and Dr. Jamie Kellar, are greatly appreciated by the podcast team.

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