Assistant Professor Kathy Vu Publishes Pan-Canadian Guidelines in e-Connect Bulletin

Assistant Professor and Director of the PharmD for Pharmacist Program, Kathy Vu, recently developed the Safe Handling of Oral Anti-cancer Drugs in Community Pharmacies: A Pan-Canadian Consensus Guideline. Kathy collaborated with the Canadian Association for Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) to lead a pan-Canadian task force made up of senior executives from national pharmacy associations and community pharmacy corporations, pharmacy and healthcare regulatory bodies, safety experts and front-line pharmacy staff.

This is an important initiative to enhance safe dispensing in community pharmacies for pharmacy staff and patients. A major component of guideline development is the implementation and knowledge translation process. 

Kathy’s article entitled: Implementing the Safe Handling of Oral Anti-cancer Drugs (OACDs) in Community Pharmacies: A Pan-Canadian Consensus Guideline, was featured in the Ontario College of Pharmacists e-Connect. The recommendations can be accessed through the Cancer Care Ontario website or the CAPCA website.

The full guidelines will be published in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal in early 2018. The November issue of Pharmacist’s Letter Canada will also feature the recommendations from the guideline.