The University of Toronto hosts the 2017 OPEN Summit

The 2017 OPEN Summit was held at The University of Toronto’s Faculty Club on October 3rd. The purpose of the event was to bring together invited researchers, educators, policy makers, healthcare professionals, knowledge users and trainees to learn about OPEN’s (Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network) research and to engage in discussions about improving medication management and primary healthcare.

The day included:

  • Research presentations on medication management and pharmacy practice research
  • Panel discussions of practice and policy implications
  • Poster presentations of research findings and studies in progress
  • Plenary speakers
  • Opportunities for networking and informal discussion

Many members of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy were involved in the day’s presentations and discussions, including Dean Heather Boon, Professor Zubin Austin, Professor Lisa Dolovich, Assistant Professor Lisa McCarthy, Associate Professor Beth Sproule, and students Clara Korenvain, Brianna Kispal and Annie Jalal.

(Poster presenters at the OPEN Summit)

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy collaborates closely with the OPEN research community on advancing pharmacy practice through robust research. One of the roles of the Centre for Practice Excellence is to strengthen research collaboration with OPEN and others maximizing the Faculty's position within one of the world's top universities and drawing on the strength of its inter-professional networks.