Pharmacy Mentorship Program hosts Annual Meet and Greet Event

On October 11, 2017, the Pharmacy Mentorship Program hosted the annual Meet and Greet event in the atrium at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy.

The goal of the event was to educate pharmacy students about diverse pharmacy-related career opportunities through informal discussions with pharmacists from various fields of pharmacy. In addition, the event provided the opportunity for pharmacist mentors to inspire upcoming pharmacists and students to build their network.

The event was well attended by students across four years and current residents. The event committee thanks all the pharmacist colleagues and alumni for supporting students through this important program.

The Pharmacy Mentorship Program (PMP) enables pharmacy students to obtain guidance in the beginning of their pharmacy career and to learn about different career options that one can pursue with a pharmacy degree. PMP will connect pharmacy students to pharmacist mentors and guide their correspondences through a set of optional modules. Volunteer pharmacist mentors across Ontario are able to share their experiences in their careers and give advice to the future generation of pharmacists. Pharmacy students will be introduced to the role of a pharmacist in Ontario, develop an understanding of pharmacy practice in various settings, as well as gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a successful pharmacist in today's environment.

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