Pharmacy practice in Ontario expands to allow treatment for common ailments

4th year PharmD student Siamak Badie during his advanced practice rotation

Last week, the Ontario government announced its intention to expand the scope of pharmacy practice in Ontario, allowing pharmacists to assess and treat patients for common ailments.

“We applaud the announcement by the provincial government to allow pharmacists to treat patients with common ailments” says Christine Allen, Interim Dean, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. “This represents an important step towards improved access to quality care for all Ontarians.

It is an exciting time for both practicing pharmacists and those entering the profession in Ontario.  We now join eight other Canadian provinces in being able to provide Ontarians improved care, showcasing our expertise in common ailments while streamlining healthcare services for patients and helping ease wait times in physician offices and emergency rooms.

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy thanks the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) for their ongoing advocacy for the profession of pharmacy.  This milestone in the expansion of pharmacy practice in Ontario could not have been achieved without their efforts.

Read the full budget announcement from our provincial government.