First Year Orientation Banquet Welcomes the Class of 2T1

On Friday, September 29th, the Annual First Year Orientation Banquet was held to welcome the class of 2T1 to the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. The event, organized by the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society (UPS) and the Phrosh Planning Committee took place at SPK Banquet Hall.

“These next four years will be a nothing but a rollercoaster of emotions, successes, and memories that I encourage you to all share with one another,” said Onella Pereira, vice-president of UPS. “Make the most of your time here! Make lasting memories, build nurturing relationships and keep an open mind. Be curious and never be afraid to pave the path for yourselves and your classmates, so that you can succeed together.”

The evening included various guest speakers from within the Faculty, including Dean Heather Boon, as well as representatives from Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) and Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA).

“We have witnessed a number of changes within the profession of pharmacy over the past few years and now is an exceptional time to be a pharmacist,” said Dean Boon. “We are continuously evolving our educational program to optimize your learning experience with a focus on nurturing self-direction and collaborative decision-making through active learning. We are committed to creating multiple academic pathways both within and across our programs to prepare you for a variety of emerging careers and practices.”

The Dean shared her excitement with the new class, welcoming me them to their new home.

“I am so glad you have joined our “Pharmacy Phamily” spelled with “PH”. Study hard, and have “Phun”. I look forward to walking with you on your journey to becoming future leaders of our profession.”

The formal portion of the banquet included the results of this year’s 2T1 class elections. Congratulations to:

  • President: Thomas Fung
  • Vice President: Yifan Zhou
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Giii Lai 
  • Social Representative: Deuk Kang
  • CAPSI Representatives: Helen Liu (Class Council) Elaine Nguyen (Local CAPSI Council)
  • Faculty Representatives:  Jacob Poirier and Shreeya Thakrar 
  • Monograph Representative: Julian Wong 
  • Athletic Representative: Catherine Zhu
  • Pharmakon Representative: Sera Lee 
  • Webmaster: Peter Zhang

(Photo taken by UPS Pharmakon Co-editors, Qiqi Lin and Vincent Nguyen)

Welcome to the class of 2T1!