New Academic Director, International Pharmacy Graduate Program

Associate Professor Marie Rocchi has been appointed Academic Director of the International Pharmacy Graduate program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy for a three-year term, effective July 15, 2015.

As the inaugural Coordinator of the International Pharmacy Graduate (IPG) program from 1999 through 2006, Professor Rocchi led the program’s inception, development, delivery, and expansion. In 2007, upon returning from a sabbatical where she served as an Expert Advisor on the Canadian Pharmacists Association’s Blueprint research regarding international pharmacy graduates, she transitioned to undergraduate teaching but remained deeply involved in the field of internationally educated healthcare professionals.

Professor Rocchi created “Canadian Healthcare System, Culture and Context” in 2008, a pan-Canadian orientation program designed to assist internationally educated healthcare professionals transition to licensure in Canada. This unique, interprofessional program was enabled by a Health Canada grant awarded to Professor Zubin Austin and continues to be offered as a Continuous Professional Development online program today under Professor Rocchi’s stewardship.

Professor Rocchi also served as Director of Education for the International Medical Graduate Program at the Centre of Education for Health Professionals Educated Abroad. In this role, Professor Rocchi collaborated with a number of physician educators to redesign, deliver and evaluate a pre-residency program for internationally educated medical school graduates who have matched to residency training at one of Ontario’s six medical schools. Under her leadership, the program was adapted for Canadians who received their medical education abroad and a new program for VISA fellows and trainees was also developed.

More recently, she has been appointed to develop an alternative careers program as part of Professor Austin’s HIRE Internationally Educated Health Professionals grant and research.

In 2013, Professor Rocchi developed the online “Informatics for Pharmacy Students” e-Resource for the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (funded by Canada Health Infoway) – an online resource now used by all pharmacy faculties across Canada – and has designed and delivered online training for the Sunnybrook Research Academy’s Chemical, Biological, Radio-nuclear and Explosive Events Collaborative, including resources in Mass Casualty Incidents for the PanAm games.

A practicing pharmacist, Professor Rocchi holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, and a Masters degree in Education from Athabasca University.

Professor Rocchi has taught in the Faculty’s BScPhm, PharmD, and IPG programs since 1999, where she teaches and coordinates courses in both pharmacy practice and health systems. Over this period, she has been recognized with the Professor of the Year award on three occasions, reflecting the strong connections she builds with students.

In addition to hear teaching responsibilities, she has been a prolific advocate for the profession of pharmacy, has presented research on a variety of pharmacy education topics including informatics, e-learning, internationally educated health professionals, and is the author of several peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed journal publications.

As a result of her passion, experience, and creative approach to learning and program development, the Office of Continuous Professional Development is excited to welcome Professor Rocchi into the role of Academic Director of the International Pharmacy Graduate program as it embarks on a new phase of renewal.