Partnership with U of T’s School of Continuing Studies


In 2018, the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (LDFP) entered into a partnership with U of T’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) to deliver the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) offerings of our Faculty.

SCS welcomes over 30,000 enrolments per year and offers a tremendous selection of over 700 courses, over 40 program areas and more than 120 certificates across a wide range of fields.

This change has allowed us to benefit from SCS’s expertise and innovative infrastructure in the areas of open enrollment and continuing education.  SCS has a strong track record of working with different Faculties within U of T, leveraging the research and subject matter expertise of the faculty members and combining it with adult learning best practices.

Our pharmacy CPD course offerings are now open for registration online, via the SCS website. We continue to work together to provide exceptional professional development programs, workshops, and training for pharmacists and other professionals, with the aim of growing the program and providing a seamless experience for learners.

Upcoming CPD courses include:

SCS is interested in hearing from our pharmacy community.

If you have ideas for programming and/or collaboration, please contact Mary Lee at