Pharmacy College Admission Test Scores

All applicants are required to write the Pharmacy College Admission Test and have scores reported to the University of Toronto directly from the testing agency.

Applicants may write the PCAT more than once. Include the U of Toronto recipient code (#278) for each PCAT registration even if you believe you do not/will not meet the score requirements. This recipient code should be added at the time you register for each test, but may be added later provided it is not added later than January 31, 2020 (for  consideration for an application for September 2020).  If the U of Toronto recipient code is added by January 31 this will ensure the faculty will receive the scores electronically in time for the 2020 admission cycle.  For any tests for which the U of Toronto recipient code is not added by the January deadline, your score results will not be included in the electronic data submitted by the testing agency.  Your application will become ineligible for further consideration if no scores are reported or if no tests meeting all minimum  score requirements are reported.  We will only consider test results received electronically from the testing agency; the paper version of the score reports will not be used in place of the electronic data where candidates have missed the January cut-off date.

The testing agency will report up to five of your most recent test results. When multiple test results are reported the Faculty will determine which of the test results best serve the application, and will use those results alone.  Also, please note, in cases where there are multiple test attempts, it is important that the same Candidate Identification Number (CID) be associated with each test.  In the event that different CIDs have been assigned for different test administrations, it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the testing agency to request that all test scores be consolidated under one CID.  The CID under which all scores are consolidated is the CID that must be reported to our office on the section of the  application  where you are asked to enter the PCAT CID.

For further details related to the PCAT click here.