Pharmacy College Admission Test Minimum Scores for Admission Interviews

The following table illustrates the minimum percentile score values that have been required to proceed to the interview stage over the past four admission cycles.

Minimum Percentile Score requirements used for the four most recent past admission cycles (2015 to 2018)
Biology (Biological Processes)
Chemistry (Chemical Processes)
Quantitative Ability (Quantitative Reasoning)
Reading Comprehension (Critical Reading)

The preceding figures should be considered rough guidelines only as individual scores on the PCAT are assessed within a competitive pool. As a result, minimum scores may fluctuate from year to year. You should anticipate that required scores will be no lower than those used in the most recent past admission cycle (as given above).  As well, applicants should note that the minimum PCAT thresholds used for final selections may be higher than the preliminary thresholds used to select applicants for interviews.

Some important changes….

PCAT test administrations occurring July 2016 onward have a new test blueprint as well as score reporting changes.  The titles in the table above reflect both the former sub-test titles as well as the new sub-test titles. There are now only 4 multiple-choice sections rather than five – the Verbal Ability section has been removed.  If you wrote PCAT prior to July 2016 the Verbal Ability section, although included in your original score reports, will not be among the sections we will use for assessing minimum requirements (this is why it has been removed from the table above).  You should also note that all percentile scores will be adjusted to reflect the new 2015 ‘normative’ values as calculated by the testing agency.  The Composite percentile score is also based on a recalculated scaled score that excludes the Verbal Ability subtest. Thus, all candidates’ older scaled scores and percentile scores are comparable to those taking the test July 2016 onward.  You can view details of these changes at