Special (Non-Degree) Students

Students may be admitted to various individual courses as Special (non-degree) students provided places are available, the course pre-requisites have been met, the permission of the instructor is obtained, and a need for registration in the requested course(s) is demonstrated. No credit towards the PharmD degree will be allowed for students admitted as Special (non-degree) students. Although preference may be given to hospital, industrial and community pharmacy residents, other candidates who may be considered for admission as Special (non-degree) students include International Pharmacy Graduates (whose qualifications have been evaluated and recognized by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada), as well as graduates from other Canadian schools of Pharmacy, and past graduates of this Faculty who wish to take courses either to upgrade their skills/knowledge or out of interest. Special (non-degree) students will not be considered for registration in any experiential curricular components. Candidates applying as Special (non-degree) students whose first language is not English must also meet the Faculty’s English facility requirements.

International Pharmacy Graduates who wish to register as Special (non-degree) students are advised that they must identify the individual courses in which they wish to enroll. The Faculty cannot provide assessments or make recommendations. As a result, such candidates are advised to consult with PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada) to determine the most appropriate method of upgrading and, where applicable, to – review course descriptions to determine which courses would be suitable for their individual needs.

To obtain a Special Student Application Form, candidates must submit a request directly to the PharmD Admissions Office by emailing adm.phm@utoronto.ca with the subject line “Special Student Registration.” Special Student application forms are available as of May 1 of each year. For students applying from within Canada, the deadline for receipt of these applications is August 1 for courses beginning in September, and December 1 for courses beginning in January. For students applying from outside Canada, the application deadline is July 1 for courses beginning in September, and November 1 for courses beginning in January.