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Student Financial Support – The University’s Commitment

The University of Toronto is committed to the principle that students who are offered admission will have the financial support necessary to allow them to enter and complete their program. The commitment is based on the assumption that Canadian citizens/permanent residents will first access the government aid for which they are eligible. Financial need is assessed based on the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), because OSAP provides a uniform method of assessing student need. For students who are assessed by OSAP (or by another Canadian provincial government financial aid program) as requiring maximum assistance, and whose assessed need is not fully covered by the UTAPS assessment, the University will ensure that the full need is met.

Government Financial Aid

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides need based financial assistance to Ontario residents who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons (recognized convention refugees). Students in course loads of sixty per cent or greater are considered for both federal and provincial interest-free student loans to assist with educational and living expenses. The Ontario Student Opportunity Grant provides partial forgiveness of loans on an annual basis for students who have incurred large debt loads. OSAP applications will be available in April through the OSAP website (

Students from other Canadian provinces/territories should apply through their home province. Links to provincial web sites for applications are available on Enrolment Services’ website.

It is recommended that returning students apply for government financial aid by May 31 and new students by June 15.

University of Toronto Work-Study Program

This program iprovides on-campus part-time employment to students with financial need. More information

Bursary for Students with Disabilities

Non-repayable assistance is available from the federal and provincial governments for OSAP recipients who have special educational expenses as a result of a disability. Information is available on Enrolment Services’ website.


Scotiabank offers the Scotia Professional Student Plan to pharmacy students. This program gives students access to a line of credit at a preferred rate of interest. This is an important source of support for students who have financial need beyond the amounts available through OSAP (or other government aid) and UTAPS. Information on the Scotia Professional Student Plan can be found on the Scotiabank website at

Information on the Awarding and Payment of Scholarships and Bursaries

In accordance with the Policy on Student Awards established in the University of Toronto, June 1986, students should note that the first charge against any undergraduate monetary award shall be outstanding tuition and incidental fees, service charges and other debts due to the University, unless otherwise determined by Enrolment Services in consultation with the Fees Department. In-course scholarships are normally credited to fees upon registration the following September.

Students who carry a lesser course load than those in their year shall not be eligible for merit-based awards, except where they pertain to performance in individual courses. They are, however, given equal opportunity for bursary funds.

Recipients of merit-based awards will be selected based on the final grade and grade point average information that is available at the time of the relevant Awards Committee meeting. Also, students must be cleared to proceed to the next year of the program to be considered for a merit-based award.

As the value of an endowed scholarship or prize is dependent on the actual income of the fund, it is possible that the value of certain scholarships and prizes at the time of payment may be less than the amount stated.

In those cases where the amount of the award is not payable from income earned on an endowed fund, payment will be dependent upon the receipt of the amount of the annual award from the donor.