2017-18 Detailed Course Outlines

PHM101H1  Pharmacotherapy 1: Foundations and General Medicine

PHM105H1  Medication Therapy Management 1

PHM110H1  Health Systems I

PHM113H1  Pharmacy Informatics

PHM114H1  Social and Behavioural Health

PHM140H1  Molecular Pharmacology

PHM141H1  Pharmaceutics

PHM143H1  Pathobiology and Pathology

PHM144H1  Pharmacokinetics

PHM145H1  Human Histology and Anatomy

PHM201H1  Pharmacotherapy 2: Dermatology and EENT

PHM202H1  Pharmacotherapy 3: Endocrinology, Nephrology and Urology

PHM203H1  Pharmacotherapy 4: Infectious Diseases

PHM204H1  Pharmacotherapy 5: Cardiovascular Diseases

PHM206H1  Medication Therapy Management 3

PHM212H1  Research Methods for Pharmacy

PHM213H1  Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics

PHM215H1  Management: Skills, Communication and Collaboration

PHM230H1  Physical Assessment and Injection Techniques

PHM240H1  The Science of Pharmacotherapy (Online course)

PHM242H1  Microbiology of Infectious Diseases

PHM301H1  Pharmacotherapy 6: Hematology, Oncology and Immunotherapies

PHM305H1  Medication Therapy Management 4

PHM310H1  Health Systems II

PHM322H1  Patient/Medication Safety

PHM325H1  Aboriginal Issues in Health and Healing

PHM330H1  Preparation for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience

PHM340H1  Introductory Toxicology

PHM350H1  Pharmacotherapy in Ambulatory Care

PHM352H1  Pharmacotherapy in Older Adults

PHM353H1  Pharmacotherapy in Critical Care

PHM354H1  Pharmacotherapy in Pediatrics

PHM355H1  Pharmacotherapy in Women’s Health

PHM360H1  Personalized Medicine

PHM371H1  Institutional Pharmacy Practice Management

PHM382H1  Nanomedicines in Oncology

PHM383H1  Antimicrobial Stewardship

PHM384H1  Teaching and Learning

PHM385H1  Diabetes Care


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