Pharmacy Student Organizations

CAPSI: Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns

The Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns is an association of pharmacy students, pharmacy interns, and undergraduate pharmacy organizations across Canada. The Association was developed to promote and advocate the interests of Canadian pharmacy students before organized bodies in pharmacy, other professions, government, industry, hospital and the community.

UPS: Undergraduate Pharmacy Society

All undergraduate students registered with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy automatically become members of the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society. UPS organizes sports, social activities and educational programs for its members.

Other Links

CPhA: Canadian Pharmacists Association

The Canadian Pharmacists Association is a national organization for pharmacists, advocating and supporting its members to advance the profession and enhance patient outcomes.

CSHP: Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists is the national voluntary organization of pharmacists committed to patient care through the advancement of safe, effective medication use in hospitals and other collaborative health care settings. CSHP supports its members through advocacy, education, information sharing, promotion of best practices, facilitation of research and recognition of excellence.

OCP: Ontario College of Pharmacists

The Ontario College of Pharmacists is the registering and regulating body for pharmacy practice in Ontario. All persons within Ontario who wish to dispense prescriptions and sell products defined as drugs to the public must first have met the professional qualifications set by the College, and be registered as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. In addition to setting initial standards, the College ensures ongoing adherence to the professional and operational standards.

OPA: Ontario Pharmacists’ Association

The Ontario Pharmacists’ Association represents the views and interests of more than 12,500 pharmacists and pharmacists-in-training across the province.  Its members work in community pharmacies, family health teams, long-term care facilities, hospitals, universities, business and government, and practice in more than 3,000 clinical settings.

PEBC: Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada is the national certification body for the profession of pharmacy in Canada. They assess the qualifications and competence of candidates for licensing by pharmacy provincial regulatory authorities.