Fees & Finances


Payment to Register

To be considered a registered student for the 2019-20 session, you must either pay the “Minimum Payment to Register” amount that is displayed on your fees invoice or successfully request a tuition deferral (please refer to the section on Deferring Your Fees, below).  The deadline to pay the Minimum Payment to Register amount is Friday, August 23, 2019.

The University’s Student Accounts office does not mail paper fees invoices to students.  Instead, you must view your financial account information on ACORN (www.acorn.utoronto.ca) to determine the minimum payment required to register.

All payments are made at Canadian financial institutions.  You are responsible for planning sufficient time for your payment to reach the University and to be recorded in your financial account on ACORN.  The transfer of funds from major Canadian financial institutions normally takes three to five business days; the transfer of funds from Canadian credit unions takes much longer.

If you check your financial account on ACORN, and you do not see the payment posted, check again in a few days.  There are daily updates from the banks to the University.

Make sure you keep your receipt or your verification/confirmation number.  It is your proof of payment and will be requested to follow up on any payment problems.

Fee Payment Options in Canada

(1) Bank Machine or at a Teller

Print a copy of your financial account in Invoice Format from ACORN and take it with you to the bank.  Your account number and student number (which are printed on the Invoice Format) are needed to ensure the payment is credited to your U of T financial account.

(2)    Telephone or Online Banking

Call your financial institution’s telephone service or log onto the online banking service and provide them with your account number and the payee name ‘University of Toronto’.  Your account number is displayed on the top right-hand corner of the Invoice Format of your financial account on ACORN.   It consists of the first five characters of your surname (in capital letters) and 10 numbers (i.e., your student number with a lead zero, unless your student number begins with 1).   Make sure you distinguish between the letter ‘O’ and the number ‘zero’.

(3)    Online Credit Card Payment WITH A CONVENIENCE FEE

U of T has partnered with Moneris to provide this service.  Online Mastercard and Visa credit card fee payments can be made in Canadian dollars for fees displayed on the ACORN invoice.    The online credit card fee payments are handled by Moneris – the University does not have access to credit card information at any point in the payment process.

The credit card payment option includes a convenience fee, which is a fee billed by Moneris, and is non-refundable, even if you cancel your registration.  This fee, charged at a rate of 1.75% of the fee payment, is billed directly by Moneris and is not remitted to the University of Toronto.

If you plan to pay your fees using the online credit card payment method, before you begin this process, please review the “Credit Card Fee Payment FAQ” section on the Student Accounts website at www.fees.utoronto.ca/credit_card_payments_faq_acorn.htm.

(4)  HigherEd Points

Your family and friends, can convert Aeroplan Miles and TD Travel Rewards Program points into $250 worth of credits towards your fees.  Visit www.higheredpoints.com/ for information about how to join, redeem loyalty points and transfer the credits to the University of Toronto.

Fee Payment Options Outside of Canada

For information on fee payment options outside of Canada, please refer to the  Student Accounts website (www.fees.utoronto.ca/making_a_fee_payment.htm).

Deferring Your Fees

Students who will be receiving OSAP (or government assistance from another province) for the 2018-19 session may request a tuition fee deferral as follows:

Students Who Receive OSAP:
1.    Login to the ACORN.
2.    Click on the “OSAP/Govt Deferral” button on the Financial Accounts page.

You will know immediately if your fee deferral request is successful or not.  If it is successful, your “registration status” will change from “Invited” (invited to register) to “Registered”. You should confirm that your registration status has changed to “Registered” on ACORN and report any problems to Brenda Thrush (email brenda.thrush@utoronto.ca)

Students Who Receive Government Assistance from a Province Other than Ontario:
1.    Submit a copy of your Notice of Assessment from your home province to the University’s Enrolment Services office at 172 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, M5R 0A3.  Alternatively, you may fax it to them at 416-978-7022 or send it via e-mail to can.oop.financialaid@utoronto.ca.  Be sure to write your student number on your Notice of Assessment document.
2.    After three working days, submit your tuition deferral request through ACORN (as above).

The deadline to request a tuition deferral on ACORN is August 23, 2019.

Please note: If you have outstanding fees from the 2018-19 session, your fees for the 2019-20 session cannot be deferred.

If you defer your fees on the basis of OSAP (or government assistance from a province other than Ontario) you are not required to pay the “Minimum Payment to Register” amount shown on your fees invoice by August 23. The deadline for making your “Post Registration” fees payment is indicated in the table below.

Late Registration Fee

Students who make the minimum payment to register after the August 23, 2019 deadline are subject to a late registration fee of $44 plus $5 for each day of delay.

Post-Registration Payment

After either paying the Minimum Payment to Register amount or successfully requesting a tuition deferral, the balance owing will be displayed on the top right-hand corner of your fees invoice on ACORN.

Students have the option of paying the balance of their fees:
i)    On a sessional basis (both fall and winter terms together) by the fall term fee payment deadline; OR
ii)    By term (separate fall and winter term payments).

Post-Registration Fee Payment Deadlines

Deadline to Pay Fees to Avoid Service Charges Date of First Service Charge on Unpaid Fees
Payment deadline for unpaid FALL TERM fees for all students September 30, 2019 October 15, 2019
Payment deadline for unpaid WINTER TERMfees for all students except those who have a fee deferral based on OSAP or other government financial aid. November 30, 2019 December 16, 2019
Payment deadline for unpaid WINTER TERMfees for students who have a fee deferral based on OSAP or other government financial aid. January 31, 2020 February 18, 2020



As per Government of Ontario requirements affecting all OSAP recipients, your OSAP funding will be redirected from OSAP to your U of T financial account to pay your fees. If your redirected OSAP funding is less than the fees you owe, you must pay the remaining balance by the deadlines indicated in the “Post-Registration Fee Payment Deadlines” table above. If your redirected OSAP funding is more than the fees you owe, the applicable amount of your OSAP will be deposited into your bank account.

Service Charges

All outstanding balances are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (or 19.56% per annum).

Please note:  Students are responsible for planning sufficient time for payments to reach their U of T fees account.  The transfer of funds from major Canadian financial institutions normally takes three to five business days.

Sanctions for Non-Payment of Fees

Students who have not paid their fees in full by the end of the 2019-20 session (i.e., by April 30, 2020) will not receive official statements of results or transcripts, and will not be permitted to register in the next academic session until these fees are paid.


Tuition and incidental fee refunds are subject to deadlines that are earlier than the withdrawal deadline. The Refund Schedule is available on the Student Accounts website.

Income Tax Receipts

Tuition and Education Certificates (i.e., T2202A forms) are available at the end of February from ACORN.  Click on “Tax Forms”, and then select “T2202A”.


Detailed fees information is available on the Student Accounts website. Any enquiries regarding fees may be made by contacting Student Accounts at (416) 978-2142 or info.studentaccount@utoronto.ca.

The Student Accounts office is open Monday to Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (until 4:30 p.m. in July and August).