Year 2

In Year 2 of the PharmD program, students undertake additional foundational courses as well as several courses related to patient care practice.  The foundation courses include Microbiology, The Science of Pharmacotherapy, and Topics in Pharmaceutical Quality and Clinical Laboratory Medicine.  Other courses include pharmacotherapy (four courses), medication therapy management (two courses, both with laboratory components), a physical assessment course, and courses in practice management, pharmacy practice research, and health and pharmacoeconomics.  Five themes will be integrated within the year:  Critical Thinking, Critical Appraisal, Professionalism/Ethics, Patient Safety and the Patient Care Process.  At the end of their course work, students will undertake 160 hours of experiential education in a patient care setting during the summer. Courses will be taught in a variety of formats which include large class discussions, small group discussions, laboratory-based simulation, seminar discussions, and on-line learning.