The Health and Wellness Pharmacy

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is developing a “living lab” pharmacy, dedicated to research, education, and creating innovation.  The research and educational mission of the pharmacy will be accomplished while providing exemplary patient care for the management of acute and chronic conditions with a special emphasis on health prevention and promotion. The pharmacy will include a needs-based dispensary and offer a range of professional pharmacy services for students, staff and faculty at the University of Toronto, as well as vulnerable populations in the community.  This academic pharmacy will function as a vehicle for practice innovation and will accelerate the speed of which new discoveries are applied to practice.

(Draft) Vision:
To be an international pharmacy leader in transforming health care delivery to improve people’s health through optimal use of medicines

(Draft) Mission:

We will advance education and research for pharmacy practice innovation in healthcare delivery to help people worldwide manage and get the best out of their medicines, to enhance their health, wellness, and productivity.

The HWP will provide an enriched student-learning environment where, teaching, learning, research and service delivery occur simultaneously including:

  • Offering hands on quality learning experiences that facilitate the uptake of new knowledge, skills and confidence required to deliver high quality, evidence-informed, outcomes oriented direct patient care
  • Ensuring practice readiness by students demonstrating key competencies focused on measurable behaviours that are the end product of the program
  • Standardizing preceptor skills and evaluation of students
  • Promoting interdisciplinary education with other faculties across the U of T (e.g., dentistry, architecture)
  • Create new innovations that will be tested, scaled-up and spread locally, nationally and internationally

 Through partnerships with researchers, educators, students, health care providers and decision makers, the HWP will:

  • Identify and create knowledge that advances science and drives practice, policy and investment on the medication related questions that matter most
  • Attract diverse research partnerships and create channels for research funding
  • Increase the impact and visibility of the research conducted by LDFP faculty
  • Create new innovations that will be tested, scaled-up and spread locally, nationally and internationally
  • Collaborate within the health care system and organization to develop new models of pharmacy practice to ensure optimal medication management efficacy and safety; advance education, training, research, practice and use of leading-edge technology
  • Evaluate the quality of impact of care delivered in therapeutic areas such as mental health, immunizations and travel medicine.

For further information, please contact:

Lisa Dolovich,

Carlo DeAngelis,

Aleksandra Mejia,

Zubin Austin,

Ernie Avilla,