Claudia Bucci

Assistant Professor (Status-only)
Coordinator – Department of Pharmacy, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Research Focus: Optimizing pharmacotherapy in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Course: Cardiovascular Therapeutics

Recent Publications:

Ackman M, Bucci C, Callaghan M et al.  A Pharmacist’s Guide to the 2012 Update of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the Use of Antiplatelet Therapy.  CPJ 2015;148(2):71-81.

Goodman S, Le May M, Lang E, Mathieu B, Morris S, Bucci C.  ACS Management in the Emergency Department: Focus on Oral Antiplatelet Therapy.  Elsevier Perspectives in Cardiology 2015 (March);Vol 1, Number 3.

AD Patel, MK Tan, P Angaran, AD Bell, M Berall, C Bucci et al. Risk Stratification and Stroke Prevention Therapy Care Gaps in Canadian Atrial Fibrillation Patients: Insights from the CO-ordinated National Network to Engage physicians in the Care and Treatment of patients with Atrial Fibrillation (CONNECT AF).  Am J Cardiology 2015;115(5):641-6.

Gandhi S, Zile B, Tan MK, Saranu J, Bucci C, et al. Increased Uptake of Guideline Recommended Oral Antiplatelet Therapy: Insights from the Canadian Acute Coronary Syndrome Reflective. Can J Card 2014;30:1725-31.

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