Manny Papadimitropoulos

Assistant Professor (Status-only)

Health Outcome Evaluation – Cost Effectiveness & Cost Utility Analysis

Significant changes are occurring in the utilization of pharmaceuticals and health-care interventions in Canada. Firstly, there is the acute question of cost-containment, and secondly the quest for enhancement of quality of care. Worldwide, guidelines are being implemented that include health outcome evaluation as one of the three tiers in the licensing of pharmaceuticals. To demonstrate the utility of any therapy, analyses are conducted relative to the current gold standard. These analyses are necessary to support the application process for the attainment of reimbursement in both public and private plans.

The conduct of economic evaluation involves the collection of data on clinical outcomes and associated costs of intervention and treatment. Ideally the time horizon of the economic evaluation should match the time period over which the trial data were collected. Unfortunately, clinical trials evaluating therapies requiring long-term administration for the prevention of outcomes are lacking. Typically these trials evaluate surrogate marker changes, and use these markers to predict risk reduction of actual outcomes in later years. The economic evaluations of preventative therapies under these circumstances are conducted via use of economic models, which allows for the longitudinal assessment of cost/benefits based on projected risk reduction.

Health outcome evaluation (cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis) is the mainstay of my research program with a focus in economic modelling, and experience in the areas of costing, meta-analysis, epidemiology, and quality of life/utility assessment.

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