Elise Paradis

Assistant Professor

Prof. Elise Paradis’ is interested in documenting the impact of what she calls the “collaborative ideal” on the interprofessional care delivery practices and on interdisciplinary research. Theoretically, her research combines insights from Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of practice, John Meyer’s brand of neo-institutional theory, and from the sociology of knowledge and the professions. Prof. Paradis’ choice methodologies include ethnography, theoretically-informed interview studies, historical and comparative sociology, as well as scoping reviews and bibliometric analyses.

Prof. Paradis is currently doing research questioning the impact of interprofessional education, as well as documenting rise of collaboration in Canada, and its impact on pharmacy practice and education. She is also writing methodological texts on the Hawthorne Effect and ethnography’s contributions to health professions education. Prof. Paradis is currently on the committee of several Master’s and PhD students at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and at the Wilson Centre.

See http://eliseparadis.com for more information.

Publications archived by PubMed: http://j.mp/EP_publ

Selected Publications:

Paradis, E., & Whitehead, C.R. (2015). “Louder than Words: Power and Conflict in Interprofessional Education Articles, 1954-2013.” Medical Education. 49(4): 399–407.

White, W.W., Brenman, S., Paradis, E. et al. 2015. “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patient care: medical students’ preparedness and comfort.” Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 27(3): 254-63.

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Paradis, E. 2015. “Unanswered questions on access from the margins.” Medical Education. 49(2): 145-6.

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Paradis, E. (2012). “Boxers, briefs or bras? Bodies, gender and change in the boxing gym.” Body & Society, 18, 82-109.

Paradis, E., Webster, F., & Kuper, A. (2012). “Medical education and its context in society.” In K. Walsh (Ed.), Oxford Textbook of Medical Education pp. 136-147. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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