Debra Sibbald

Senior Lecturer

Educational Research in Design Methodologies and Knowledge Building Theory

MA and PhD research expertise in the area of assessment, including performance-based experiential (OSCE) examinations and competency assessments, formative and summative, with authentic, context-situated evaluations for both individuals and groups. PhD thesis, entitled ‘Potential for Knowledge Building in Large Size Pharmacy Classrooms’, produced design innovations for this context and advanced theoretical concepts of epistemic agency and community knowledge, collective responsibility, two of twelve principles of Knowledge Building. Educational research currently focuses preparing health professional students for practice competencies and self-regulation, through undergraduate training. Situated in the large size classroom format, advancements in educational Knowledge Building theory and research methods centre on creating affordances for advancing the conceptual framework of epistemic student agency and community knowledge, collective responsibility. Goals include creating community of learners as a bridge to community of practitioners. Designs address self and peer assessment and employ quantitative and qualitative research tools and measures. Results might be generalized to other large size contexts, particularly in other health professions.

Current research interests include:

  • Classroom designs for shifting learning from individual to community perspectives
  • Online designs to sustain and extend learning for the collective
  • Empowering students to take responsibility for goals, assessments and outcomes
  • Development of self-regulatory skills for maintenance of professional competency

Practice Research in Applied Domains:

Current research interests include content domains including self-care, dermatology, formulations and compounding and critical appraisal of the literature within both experiential and online applications:

Current research interests include:

  • Student generated practice research for self-care context – needs assessments and knowledge translation to health care practitioners

Selected Publications:

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