Michael Spino

Professor (Status-only)

Drug Disposition and New Drug Discovery

Studies to examine the disposition of existing and new drugs in both animals and humans have been the mainstay of this laboratory for the last 20 years, with emphasis, in the past on cystic fibrosis. Assessment of drug biotransformation at the subcellular level, particularly with hepatic microsomal biotransformation, has assisted in our ability to explore probable metabolic pathways of new drugs in humans. In vitro/In vivo correlation of drug metabolism is a current focus in the lab. In addition the role of other tissues in drug metabolism, including lung, kidney, spleen, gut, muscle, and brain have led to the discovery of new pathways of drug biotransformation. Most recently, studies have been initiated to explore the role of iron and iron chelation in drug biotransformation.

Studies currently in progress include:

  • Use of in vitro hepatic drug biotransformation data to predict in vivo metabolism in various animal species.
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new compounds to be used as orally administered iron chelators in conditions of iron overload.

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