Become a Preceptor

In order to be a preceptor for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) and/or Early Practice Experience (EPE), the applicant MUST: 

  1. Possess a Pharmacy degree; and 

  2. Maintain the appropriate licensure to practice in good standing with the respective licencing body (e.g. Ontario College of Pharmacists); and 

  3. Meet the following work hours based on rotation type:

A. Direct Patient Care:

  1. The preceptor must practice in their current setting full-time (≥ 28 (1) hr/wk), OR, 

  2. If not practicing full-time, rotations must be co-precepted with another pharmacist at the site (2) : 

    1. The co-preceptor must also be an approved preceptor in good standing. 

Note: No more than 2 pharmacists can co-precept one student* 

B. Non-Direct Patient Care: 

  1. The preceptor must work at the site the equivalent of at least 1 day/wk (i.e. work hours can be  spread over several days but should add up to a minimum of 1 day/wk); and 
  2. Be able to provide a backup person at the site, for administrative support, who the student can contact on the days that the preceptor is not on site. 

Additional Requirements for Preceptors of APPE Rotations

  1. Have a minimum of two years of experience in their profession. Pharmacists who have completed post-graduate training (e.g. residency), require a minimum of one year of experience; and 

  2. Have completed the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy Preceptor Development Program:

    1. Direct patient care: Modules A, B, C and D 

    2. Non-direct patient care: Modules A, B and C 



1. 28 hr/wk is considered full-time in community practice 

2. The total hours in direct patient care setting between the two preceptors should be equivalent to full-time (or ≥ 28 hr/wk). For example, if one co-preceptor is available 1 day/wk for the student, then the other co-preceptor should be available the other days of the week (for a total of ≥ 28 hr/wk). Each co-preceptor should be available at least 1 day/wk with the student (or, equivalent number of hours over the course of the rotation, e.g. the equivalent of 5 full days over the course of a 5-week rotation). 

Application Form

For questions about the application process, please contact