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Programs and Admissions

The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto offers a wide assortment of programs to suit the needs of individuals interested in pursuing careers in pharmacy and research at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as programs for those wishing to continue their lifelong learning, update their skills, and practice in the Canadian healthcare system.

To learn more about our programs, please read the descriptions below:

The PharmD (or Doctor of Pharmacy) program is our Faculty’s entry-to-practice degree for individuals interested in becoming pharmacists. The all-new curriculum for this four-year program combines in-class, laboratory, and experiential components to ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed as front line healthcare providers. Prospective students should apply for admission to the PharmD program after completing two years of university-level study, ensuring that all prerequisite courses and requirements are met. The online application process for the PharmD program opens in mid-September 2018 and closes in January 2019 for September 2019 admission.

PharmD for Pharmacists
The PharmD for Pharmacists is the Faculty’s newest program. This program is designed for practicing pharmacists and recent pharmacy graduates who possess a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree and wish to expand their skills and shape their practices to meet the changing scope of pharmacy practice. This flexible, customizable, and Canadian program offers participants a unique opportunity to study while you continue to fulfill your responsibilities as a practicing pharmacist, providing learning experiences that will enable you to advance your practice to encompass the full scope of change. As a result, the time it takes to complete this program depends on you, but can take between one year and four years to earn your PharmD degree. Prospective students should apply for admission by July 16, 2018 for admission in January 2019.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist
The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program is jointly run by the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Arts and Science, and provides graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree. This program does not lead to a career as a Pharmacist. Instead, it combines knowledge of the biological, medical, and physical sciences in the study of the scientific aspect of drug therapy. Participants cultivate their knowledge and skills in physical, organic, and analytical chemistry, and gain a fundamental understanding of the synthesis, manufacture, and use of mode of action of drugs. To apply for admission to this program, you must be enrolled as a University of Toronto student and have met all prerequisite courses. University of Toronto students can apply through ROSI in the spring during the first and second request periods after completing (or being close to completing) the first or second year of courses listed in the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program for admission.

Graduate Programs
The Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers MSc (Master of Science) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree programs. These research-intensive programs encompass all aspects of the delivery, development, administration and utilization of therapeutic drugs. Students with degrees in physical, biological, and social sciences with an interest in all aspects of drugs (delivery, design, use, etc.) are encouraged to apply. These programs provide a stimulating and productive environment for graduate education and research, and are ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in research, industry, healthcare systems, government, and academia. The MSc and PhD programs have two intakes for new students – in September and January. To apply for January 2019 admission, please submit completed applications by October 1, 2018. To apply for September 2019 admission, please submit completed applications by February 1, 2019.

Residency Programs
The Faculty offers two residency programs designed to give recent graduates the opportunity to gain extended real world experiences: the Hospital Pharmacy Residency program and the Industrial Pharmacy Residency program. The Hospital Pharmacy Residency program is a one-year program coordinated by the Hospital Pharmacy Residency Forum of Ontario designed to produce skilled hospital pharmacy practitioners and future leaders. Applications for this program are coordinated via a centralized application process. The Pharmacy Residency Application and Matching Service is operated by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacist (CSHP). The Industrial Pharmacy Residency program is also a one-year program administered by the Faculty in cooperation with participating pharmaceutical companies. This program is designed to help recent pharmacy graduates develop their skills and gain practical experience in specialized areas of the pharmaceutical industry. To apply to this program, you must be a recent pharmacy graduate or a student in the final year of an undergraduate pharmacy degree. Applications open each September for residencies the following September.

International Pharmacy Graduate
The International Pharmacy Graduate program is a unique best-practices bridging program for internationally-educated pharmacists wishing to practice pharmacy in Canada. Two course modules provide participants with the academic training and experiential learning necessary to meet entry-level standards of practice for pharmacists in Canada. This program is run throughout the year, so applications are accepted on a continuous basis.

Continuous Professional Development
The Office of Continuous Professional Development is committed to delivering leading-edge educational programs that will improve and expand the competency of pharmacy professionals, researchers, scientists, and allied professionals involved in pharmacy practice and policy. The goal of the Office of Continuous Professional Development is to develop quality programming – courses, workshops, customized programs – that answers to the shifting needs of the profession. Courses are offered throughout the year, so registration for Continuous Professional Development events is ongoing.