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Pharmaceutical sciences is a broad and multidisciplinary area of research that encompasses all aspects of drug therapy. This includes the design, synthesis and characterization of new medicinal agents, studies to understand their mechanisms of action, assessment of their effectiveness for treatment of disease, identifying their optimal clinical use for improving patient care, and the economics and policies that define best practices for their essential role in the health care system. Professors at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy are international leaders in all of these areas of investigation. Through the Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences there are outstanding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral and clinical fellows to pursue world-class research in the pharmaceutical sciences under the supervision of our professors. This is enhanced further by our affiliation with the Toronto Area Health Sciences Network (TAHSN) which includes many of Canada’s largest patient care, clinical education and research hospitals. The Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy along with our TAHSN partners is situated in the heart of the Toronto Discovery District which ranks fourth in North America for investment in medical research. We also encourage productive and mutually beneficial research collaborations with the private as well as governmental sectors to advance the pharmaceutical sciences.

Just some of the exciting opportunities for research at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy include: nanotechnology drug delivery systems, molecular imaging of cancer, new point-of-care diagnostic tools for cancer and other diseases, health economics, national and international pharmaceutical policy, adverse drug reactions, drug transport across biological membranes, diabetic nephropathy, neurological disorders, drug metabolism, clinical pharmacokinetics, radioimmunotherapy of malignancies, drug-receptor interactions, complementary and alternative medicines, the role of the pharmacist in the health care system, and improving education in the health professions. These areas of research are organized into three divisions:

  • Biomolecular Sciences – Professors in this Division conduct laboratory based research aimed at understanding disease biology, discovery of new medicinal agents, diagnostic tools or drug delivery systems, and evaluating their effectiveness and adverse effects
  • Clinical, Social and Administrative Pharmacy – Professors in this Division conduct non-laboratory based research aimed at understanding the use of drugs in the health care system including economic, social and ethical, policy and professional aspects
  • Pharmacy Practice – Professors in this Division conduct practice-site research aimed at enhancing the role of the pharmacist in the health care system as well as education of health professionals

I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our research programs which are advancing the frontiers of the pharmaceutical sciences.

Stephane Angers, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Research