Undergraduate students are offered a unique opportunity to participate in research in the following areas:

Molecular basis of drug targets and diseases;

Drug development and disease diagnostics;

Drug safety;

Health Services research;

Clinical Pharmacy research.

Program Description

Participants in the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP) spend the summer conducting research under the supervision of a Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty member. Participants will attend laboratory safety training sessions, and seminar presentations by faculty members. In mid-August, students will have the opportunity to present their research projects to their peers and the rest of the Faculty. Presenters will be judged, and the winner will receive the National Summer Student Research Program Award to present research findings at the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences Annual Meeting.


  • May 6 to August 23, 2019.
  • Individual projects will run from 12 to 16 weeks as arranged between participants and supervisors.
  • Students completing their 4-week EPEs are able to participate by doing a 12-week project.


  • Students must have completed at least one year in a full-time undergraduate degree program at the time of the program start in May;
  • Students who complete their undergraduate degree in the spring of 2019 are eligible for the 2019 USRP; students who have completed their undergraduate degree earlier than 2019 are not eligible to apply;
  • Students who have been accepted into the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program beginning September 2019 are not eligible to participate in the 2019 USRP;
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 75% or higher to be eligible for scholarship competition (equivalent in the U of T grading system is ‘3’ or higher);
  • Students must be supervised by a Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty member;
  • The program is open to students at the University of Toronto and from other universities and institutions;
  • Students from any program can apply (not just pharmacy).


  • Normally students are paid $4000-$6000 for the summer (depending on eligibility for external awards and length of the project);
  • Students who apply for the summer research program are automatically considered for awards, e.g. from CIHR, NSERC, Life Sciences.

Application Procedure

  • Students are required to email a completed application form with attachments as instructed on the form which can be accessed through the link below;

Students must upload:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. A scanned copy or screenshot of their current transcript
  • Application Deadline is Friday, January 18, 2019.
  • All applicants will receive notification of the results of their application around the end of February and beginning of March 2018.

When selecting Prospective Supervisors, students must rank them one to five in order of preference, with one being the most preferred. Please go to the Graduate Faculty Directory for a list of eligible supervisors.

Inquiries about the Undergraduate Summer Research Program can be directed to Sam D’Alfonso at sam.dalfonso@utoronto.ca

Click here for the 2019 Undergraduate Summer Research Program Application Form