APPE International Placements

APPE International Elective Rotations
In today’s health care setting, cultural competence and a good understanding of global health issues form a vital aspect of the overall competence of pharmacists working collaboratively in inter-professional teams.  Accordingly, students may be exposed to various international, global and domestic policies and regulations, which shape health and pharmacy practice systems.  This will allow students to gain perspective on how pharmacists are well placed to contribute positively to patient care within the overall global and public health arena.  The goal is to provide students opportunities to practice in cross-cultural settings, which enhance cultural competence, global health literacy and global citizenship.


Most experiential rotations in the Pharmacy program will occur within the Province of Ontario. There may be a small number of rotation opportunities that arise outside of Canada.  In order to participate in any international experiential placements, the placement must be approved by the faculty.  In addition, students must fulfill the international placement requirements.

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