Selection Process for Admission for September 2019

Candidates seeking admission to the PharmD program at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy are evaluated on several different criteria to determine their qualifications and ability to succeed in this demanding program. The criteria include:

  • Academic Performance
  • Performance on the Pharmacy College Admission Test
  • Performance in Admission Interviews (MMI)

An assessment of preliminary transcript data, and PCAT results, will be made to evaluate the status of each application to determine whether the applicant may proceed to the interview stage. In addition to meeting all subject requirements (either already completed or to be completed by April 2019) all applicants must meet a minimum cumulative university average. The published minimum is 70%; however, depending on the applicant pool, it may be higher for interview selection. In addition, eligible candidates must meet minimum score requirements on each section of the PCAT.  Other considerations  such as (but not limited to) performance in science courses, fail, or repeated courses, reduced course loads and history of course withdrawals may also be used in assessment of determining which candidates will be interviewed.  Eligible candidates who remain in the applicant pool after initial data reviews have been made will be invited to participate in Admission Interviews. The interview will then be used to assess non-academic attributes and skills.

Once the admission interviews have occurred and final grades have been submitted, a composite score (Index) will be calculated for each eligible applicant. The Index calculation will include the university average as well as interview performance and may include the PCAT composite score.  The Faculty will use the Index score to initially rank candidates for selection. Generally, offers of admission are extended to those with the highest overall rankings once all criteria have been considered.  Other considerations such as (but not limited to) performance in science courses, failed or repeated courses, reduced course loads, and history of course withdrawals may also be used to determine candidate rankings.

Final admission decisions will be posted on the Applicant website by mid-June. A sufficient number of offers of admission will be sent to candidates to fill 240 spaces, while some remaining qualified applicants may be placed on a waiting list.

Each year, more candidates apply to the program than can be admitted. As a result, not all qualified candidates will be offered admission to the PharmD program.

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