Molecular Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics Research Group

Seminar Coordinator

Dr. Jim Wells
Telephone: (416) 978-3068


PURPOSE:  This seminar series serves as a platform for the dissemination and discussion of research that is currently ongoing within the Department to promote further interactions and/or collaborations among research groups.  The seminar series comprises members from the Angers, Bendayan, Cummins, Piquette, and J. Wells groups. Each month, a maximum of 3 students will be scheduled to present, with 20 min allotted for each. Every effort will be made to have speakers from different laboratories present in each time slot. Attendance of the student speaker’s supervisor is mandatory. Therefore, students must ensure their supervisor is available before scheduling their presentation.

The goals of this course are to provide an opportunity for students to organize their data (including a clear background, rationale, and significance) and present their research results, enhance his/her oral communication skills, and obtain practice defending his/her research ideas (with good slides, proper stats, etc.). Following the presentations, the PIs and supervisors will meet with the speakers to provide feedback. The success of the course relies on full participation of both supervisors and graduate students. Attendance is COMPULSORY for ALL students, first year, last year and every year in between.  Each student is required to present once for each academic year, unless: a) the student is an incoming first year student, b) student is graduating (Final Thesis Defense is scheduled before the last available seminar slot). New graduate rules state that M.Sc. students must present in their second year, and Ph.D. students present every year in years 2 to 5 of their program (4 times minimum).

A signup sheet will be used to monitor attendance.  All students are given one allowed absence but are required to attend all other seminars. Failure to attend will result in cancellation of funding from the graduate Department and will result in a FAIL grade on the transcript.

FORMAT:   Each seminar will include presentations of 12-13 minutes in length with 7-8 minutes for questions and discussion.  Due to the time constraint, it is suggested that seminars be carefully prepared and rehearsed to ensure that it is clear and properly timed. The presentations should be comparable to those commonly given at scientific meetings and include the following: background, rationale for research, methods, results/discussion and conclusions. Each student will critique the speaker anonymously. Following the seminars, the Principal Investigators attending will provide constructive inputs to the speakers.

SCHEDULE: The seminar schedule for the upcoming academic year is attached. Once the schedule is finalized it will be sent out and posted on a website dedicated to this seminar series. PIs will bring pizza for everyone.

CHAIRS:  Two or three students will be selected to chair each session. The duties of the chairs are as follows:

1) The Chairs are responsible to make coffee about ½ h ahead of schedule.

2) Obtain biographies and a research abstract at least 3 days before the presentation and submit these to Jim Wells ( to post on Blackboard.

3) Arrive 15 min before the presentation to make sure that everything is set up (chairs facing the screen) and ready to go (make sure the computer works and the presenter has a laser pointer).

4)  Introduce the speaker – give brief biography.

5)  Ensure the speaker does not go too far over time.

6)  Moderate the discussion.

One important function of the chair is to ensure that sufficient discussion takes place after the presentation. The chair needs to have questions ready for the speaker in the event that the audience does not.

7) Chairs will be responsible to remind the students to complete the speaker evaluation forms, collect and return the scores for each speaker to the coordinators at the end of each seminar session.  The scores are only to help determine which of the speakers in our session will be selected to present at GRIP 2017.

PRESENTERS:    Student  presenters  will  write  up  a  short  biography  and  an  abstract  of  the presentation (total not to exceed one page) and submit this to and the designated chairs by email, at least 3 days before the date of the presentation so that students can access the information on BLACKBOARD.  The student presenters will receive written, anonymous critique from his/her peers on how to improve in the presentation, and stay behind the session to receive constructive inputs from the coordinator and PIs.

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