Pharmaceutics & Biophysical Chemistry

Seminar Coordinator

Dr. Rob Macgregor
Telephone: (416) 978-7332

2019-2020 Pharmaceutics & Biophysical Chemistry Group Seminar Series

  • Schedule for the student seminars is below. Please note the dates and times carefully.
  • Please send the titles and abstracts ONE week before to the talk for circulation to the group.
  • All Seminars will be in Room# PB-850, Pharmacy Building.
  • Talks can be 30-35 min duration, and please do stay in the time limits.
  • All other things can follow the Guidelines circulated earlier, for PBC Seminars.
  • Contact Prof. Rob Macgregor at, if you have any questions.
Seminar Date Last Name First Name Supervisor
03-Oct Lip Ho Yin    Wu, S.
03-Oct Peng Hao Bensen   Pang, S.
03-Oct Zhang Tian    Wu, S.
07-Nov Medeiros (Schver) Giovanna   Lee, P.
07-Nov Ojo Andrew   Lee, P.
07-Nov Lugtu-Pe Jamie Wu, S.
05-Dec Ahmed Taksim Wu, S.
05-Dec Han Yi Rang Lee, P.
05-Dec Koebel Adam Kotra, L.
09-Jan Lu Brian Wu, S.
09-Jan Liu LuTan Chalikian,T
09-Jan Tariq Nabeel Macgregor, R.
06-Feb Wang Zhiyu (Wilford) Weaver, D.
06-Feb Yang Yi (Willy) Kotra, L.
06-Feb Li Yi Wu, S.
05-Mar Yen Tin-Yo Wu, S.
05-Mar Zeisler Ilan Yaniv Macgregor, R.
05-Mar Zetrini Abdulmottaleb Wu, S.
02-Apr Sekhon Lavtej Singh Pang, S.
02-Apr Zhi Pei Wu, S.
02-Apr Liu Fule Wu, S.
02-Apr Park Elliya Wu, S.


2018-19 Archived information

Dec 4, 2018
2-4 PM
Fuh-Ching Franky Liu
Zhiyu (Wilford) Wong
Tian Zhang
Jan 30, 2019
3-5 PM
Taksim Ahmed
Yi Rang Han
Feb 20, 2019
2-4 PM
Adam Koebel
Lu Tan Liu
Mar 21, 2019
12-2 PM
Alah Amsdr
Brian Lu
Andrew Ojo
Apr 16, 2019
2-4 PM
Hao Benson Peng
Nabeel Tariq
Yi (William) Yang

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